The Danish company Actee was founded in 2010. They specialize in workplace learning games that target organizational development.

Together with universities, consulting firms, and end users, they collaborate and develop a wide range of tools to meet customer requirements.

Their world-renowned Actee platform enables computer simulations on the subject of change management.

Why Actee?

The Actee platform opens up the world of knowledge sharing on a global level with a range of tools to design learning processes and games that suit your needs, ambitions, and goals.

Game-based learning

Actee enables learning to manage change through play. Since each change or project has its own life cycle, the Actee Cycle game is also designed to show the behavior of people and their reactions to selected decisions in the cycle of each change.

The games are based on more than 20 different theories of change management and human behavior, which influence the course of the game itself and show the many challenges of today's business world.

The game consists of several chapters. The chapters can follow each other logically through one project or change, or each chapter presents its own challenge for the players (depending on the chosen game). With each completed action, the game offers a description of what is happening and a short explanation in the form of excerpts from various theories of change management and human behavior. Each character who reacts in any way to the player's action gives a new opinion or feeling, and thus reveals to the player his view of the current situation.

Actee partners

Among Actee's global network of moderators, trainers, consultants, and experts, PDiVizija d.o.o. is currently the only company in Slovenia with certified Actee partners in the region.

Brands around the world using the Actee platform