How do I grow faster with less risk?

After constructing a framework based on the past century’s peer-reviewed scientific research in Innovation Management and evaluating more than 5,000 establishments across 105 nations, we can confidently state that we can help you enhance your EBITDA by 35% and achieve a 22% growth rate with our assistance, coupled with a comprehensive comprehension of your organization (as we refer to it, assessing the innovation iceberg). This endeavor commences with an appraisal that produces tangible suggestions and exposes more profound insights than what initially meets the eye.

The program is carried out by order.

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With use ISO compliant 360-degree assessment tool, InnoSurvey®, match your organization’s innovation aspirations with its execution capability. This involves assessing external stakeholders, management, and employees. The assessments are supplemented with detailed interviews and two workshops.

The results of the assessment are presented with benchmarks and specific action items to implement. A follow-up assessment is usually conducted after 9-12 months to verify progress and measure success. It is common to assess multiple units such as teams, subsidiaries, sites, and business areas to identify the most effective methods and compare results.

Assessments are comprehensive, detailed, and highly focused on actionable recommendations. The final output of the innovation assessment is the InnovationIQ metric, which is a score between 1 and 100.


In two to eight weeks, you will have

  • A detailed report; misalignments, critical blockers and strengths to build on
  • Tangible recommendations on how to use your resources more wisely
  • Compare and contrast analysis between different units/teams/divisions
  • An understanding of what’s accelerating innovation and should be spread across the organization as good examples
  • A common language for innovation
  • An Innovation dashboard of your metrics, including an InnovationIQ

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