Fresh approaches to the development of managers and employees

At PDiVizija and the Change2Value brand, we strive to provide the best possible experience. We see the company's ability to recognize and implement the necessary changes, dictated by the changing business environment, new technologies and changed business models as a key capability of the company. 

This is how the Change2Value brand was born in 2019 under which we combine activities and knowledge in the field of change management, innovation management and leadership.  

Why PDiVizija and Change2Value

We bring to the region fresh and advanced products and the best fabrics from the more developed markets of Scandinavia and America.  

We are trusted by Prosci, Innovation360 and the Leadership Pipeline Institute, who are the world's leading providers of knowledge in their fields.  

We pride ourselves as the general Prosci partner for the Balkans region, offering public programs for obtaining globally recognized change management certificates as well as training and consulting on behalf of companies.

As the only one in the region, we boast the two highest certification levels in the field of innovation management according to the Danish methodology Innovation 360. 

And as a general partner for the Balkan region , we provide intensive training and services for the successful transition of employees into leaders and leaders into managers according to the Swedish methodology Leadership Pipeline.


Leading Others

Leading Leaders

Team Building

Change management
for the leader

Change management
for employees

Taking charge
of change

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