The Innovation360 group was founded in 2015 in Stockholm. The group's mission is to help organizations worldwide assess and strengthen their innovation capabilities for sustainable growth and profit.

Facing humanity's greatest challenges in an increasingly complex and uncertain world requires agile organizations capable of changing the future for the better.

With its methodology and tools, Innovation 360 Group helps organizations sharpen their innovation capabilities, create and re-innovate their value propositions, and accelerate global projects through innovative strategy, business and organizational development.

Why Innovation360?

Innovative capability is at the heart of agility. That's why Innovation360 offers a range of evidence-based innovation management capabilities. They help organizations establish a flexible innovation process and foster a culture of innovation.

  • A methodology based on 100 years of expert research and current thinking on innovation management. Proven by hundreds of innovation projects.
  • They are present on the global market with 250 innovation experts in 45 countries
  • With 360° data from +5000 organizations in 105 countries, their global database, available in all major languages, sets a new standard in innovation management
  • Tools are developed to solve real business problems.

Advanced software for innovation

The largest database of innovations in the world

A powerful linking mechanism, it helps ensure that an organization's overall strategy is aligned with leadership, core capabilities and culture.

Patented evaluation framework

By assessing internal and external stakeholders, a comprehensive insight into the organization and its position on the market is obtained.

Ideation360 platform

It offers a system for managing innovation from idea to commercialization.

Innovation360 partners

Innovation360 is building a global community of powerful networks of innovation experts and consultants who work together in a common framework and language to drive innovation across disciplines.

In cooperation with licensed contractors around the world, they offer their services in more and more countries, such as the USA, UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium,... and now also in Slovenia.