Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline is the first to offer the principles of identifying and building an effective agile structure that enables the achievement of a sustainable competitive advantage through the work of people.

It defines the critical transitions in terms of business values, time management and skills that managers face as they progress from expert to manager or from manager to people manager. It defines the expected level of results for each management role in the organization and is tailored to support the business model and organization of your organization. 

Why Leadership Pipeline?

A large proportion of Fortune 500 companies use Leadership Pipeline solutions as their primary platform for selecting and growing leaders at all positions.

The Leadership Pipeline is one of the most influential leadership models of the last 20 years.

The main features of the Leadership Pipeline methodology:




The analysis shows us how much knowledge and changes the participants have adopted and how many changes have really stuck after a few months of the program. Changes in individuals are measured in: 

  • to knowledge
  • attitude 
  • behavior 

The test is performed 3 times: 

  • before training, 
  • as an immediate follow-up after training 
  • 3-6 months after training, which leads to a sustainable effect.  



The training sessions are divided into 2 sets. Each of them mainly addresses the transitions and promotions of employees according to the organizational hierarchy.  

Trainings for managers:

Training for specialists:

What does an educational day look like?

These are thoughtfully planned and tested trainings that enable participants to analyze their behavior and actions, learn new approaches and be able to apply them as best as possible in real everyday life. The training is divided into modules, each addressing a specific issue or challenge.  

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