Change Management


The half-day workshop is designed to actively involve all participants in the changes. It gives you the opportunity to learn the importance of change management through simulation and gamification...

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Workshops on Demand

Tailor-made workshops are suitable for companies with specific challenges. We adapt them according to your project and according to your level of knowledge about change management...

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Sponsor Briefing

According to 18 years of Prosci®‘s change management benchmarking studies, visible and active sponsorship is the number one factor to a successful change. This program is designed to make senior executives and...

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Leadership Pipeline

Leading Leaders

LEADING LEADERS The Leading Leaders transition program is an intensive program designed for leaders of leaders. It is based on the leadership first principles outlined

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Leading Others

LEADING OTHERS The Leading Others transition program is a specialized program that is designed to equip leaders with the necessary skills to effectively lead others.

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ASSESSMENT How do I grow faster with less risk? After constructing a framework based on the past century’s peer-reviewed scientific research in Innovation Management and

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Innovation Circle

INNOVATION CIRCLE™ Innovation is a multifaceted discipline that combines scientific principles with collaborative art. To achieve sustainable change, it is essential to bring together a

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