How do I gather the best and most innovative ideas to solve a challenge in 6 – 10 weeks?

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Efficient and scalable ideation involves a structured approach along with robust technology to facilitate the process on a larger scale. This approach leads to significant breakthroughs in innovation. The primary objective of ideation is to transform a single idea into a marketable product or service as quickly and efficiently as possible, while minimizing the use of resources. The Innovation Sprint, utilizing the world-class Ideation360® platform and its distinctive methodology, can help resolve any problem within six to ten weeks.


Succeeding with ideation

Ideation is a non-linear process that involves clustering numerous ideas and refining campaigns to reach unexpected destinations. Maintaining engagement with ideators and providing feedback throughout the process is crucial, regardless of the idea’s progress.
Effective ideation necessitates collaboration both internally and with external parties. While it may be necessary to be protective at times before the idea comes to fruition, the best way to “bake the pie” is through collaboration.


Innovation 360’s ideation management platform is a SaaS solution that employs AI-powered software to gather, cluster, and link ideas to strategic initiatives across various devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablet. When combined with the world-renowned Innovation Sprint methodology, this platform can help tackle virtually any problem within a six to ten-week timeframe.

Leading to

  • Breakthrough vetted ideas to take to development and commercial success
  • Engagement with organization or external stakeholders

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