Innovation is a multifaceted discipline that combines scientific principles with collaborative art. To achieve sustainable change, it is essential to bring together a group of individuals who possess the necessary skills, including visionary thinking, strategic planning, practical expertise, and agile project management, to successfully execute innovation initiatives.

During the program, leaders will gain a deeper understanding of their specific responsibilities and performance expectations, as well as develop the right work values, time management skills, and other key competencies necessary for success. Upon completion of the program, leaders will have a newfound appreciation for their leadership work and a clear perspective on how they can create unique value as a leader of others.

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A smarter way to form a team and align their goals is now available through the Innovation Circle, which is a powerful tool in addressing complex challenges.

This unique and interactive format brings together the brightest minds and most talented leaders in your organization with insights from top experts in innovation management. The session begins with an informative lecture that defines the parameters of your challenge, followed by a comprehensive evaluation of each participant’s innovation potential, compared to thousands of innovators worldwide.

The output is a detailed report that provides tangible recommendations on how your organization can improve its innovation strategy, leadership, culture, and capabilities.

The report includes real-time metrics from your InnoSurvey® results, with strategies designed to fit your unique internal capabilities and market position. Your team will gain consensus on:

  • How to minimize project risks and pinpoint developing opportunities
  • Where to allocate resources to achieve a balanced innovation portfolio
  • Which ideas you can bring to market faster with greater confidence

Who is it for?

The Innovation Circle is the preferred format for C-suites, cross-industry think tanks, non-profit councils, and government agencies because of its focus and intensity. It’s an ideal addition to company seminars, offsite annual meetings, and can even help professional service firms like law offices to profile themselves and reach out to clients more effectively. The Innovation Circle can take your group to the next level, and it’s also perfect for ambitious entrepreneurial teams on a mission to disrupt stagnant business models.

Participating in an Innovation Circle strengthens your organization’s culture for breakthrough thinking, fosters productive team dynamics and mutual trust, and can help you solve almost any challenge.

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