The Leading Others transition program is a specialized program that is designed to equip leaders with the necessary skills to effectively lead others. It is based on the leadership first principles for leaders of others, as outlined in the Leadership Pipeline book. This intensive program provides leaders with valuable insights, practical training, and tools to help them step up and excel in their role.

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During the program, leaders will gain a deeper understanding of their specific responsibilities and performance expectations, as well as develop the right work values, time management skills, and other key competencies necessary for success. Upon completion of the program, leaders will have a newfound appreciation for their leadership work and a clear perspective on how they can create unique value as a leader of others.

Why Invest In Developing Leaders of Others?

Front-line managers, or leaders of others, are critical to an organization as they lead the majority of employees and have a significant impact on engagement, motivation, quality, and employee retention. They oversee the actual work at every stage of the process and are accountable for the workforce that contributes to the product or service. The consequences of ineffective leadership are immediately visible and measurable, emphasizing the need to invest in equipping leaders with the necessary skills and resources to excel in their role.

From Individual Contributor to Leading Others

The Leading Others transition program is distinguished in the market by its comprehensive approach to the transition from individual contributor to leader of others. It addresses all three critical elements of the transition: work values, time management, and skills development. Program’s unique ability to support leaders of others in changing their work values is particularly effective in creating lasting impact.

Who should attend?

The Leading Others transition program is designed for front-line managers with people management responsibilities, regardless of the size or composition of their team. The program has a proven track record of creating lasting change in knowledge, attitude, and behavior for both newly appointed leaders of others and those with five or ten years of experience in the role.

Program Content

Proven Learning Impact

Program has a proven track record of delivering significant learning impact, having been tested and refined over time. We will leverage this expertise to tailor the program to meet the specific needs of your organization. At a minimum, the program will include the following components:

  • Your human resource tools and processes
  • Clear link to your business need
  • Specific content or exercises of your preference
  • Your company values
  • Your leadership model
  • Links to other leadership initiatives

Typical Transition Issues

The program is designed to help leaders overcome common transition issues that arise when moving into a leadership role. It is worth noting that these behaviors are not unique to newly appointed leaders and are often observed in experienced leaders of others as well.

  • Micromanages instead of delegating
  • Competes with direct reports about “knowing best”
  • Avoids tough conversations with direct reports
  • Takes over direct reports’ work rather than letting them do their own job
  • Feels that questions from direct reports are a disturbance rather than an opportunity to coach and develop them

Key Topics in the Program

Below are some of the key topics covered in a typical Leading Others transition program. The program content is closely aligned with the core responsibilities of a leader of others, and the specific topics and learning flow can be customized in collaboration with your organization to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Program Flow

We offer a fundamental four-day training program, but most organizations prefer a customized approach where they blend classroom training with various digital and online solutions.

Mobile learning platform can assist participants throughout their entire learning journey, enabling them to immediately apply newly acquired knowledge, time management, and skills to their work.

As a unique feature, mobile learning platform also facilitates involvement of the participant’s direct manager throughout the learning process. This ensures the manager’s complete engagement in the learning journey, which is a critical factor in integrating new knowledge from training programs.

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